Established as a partnership with the Social Development Center (SDC), Sndala produces awards and gift items which can be customized for special events held by government ministries, companies, sports clubs and associations. Products include small gifts, souvenirs, special gifts and jewelry, trophies, medals, pins and boxes.

The main objective of this partnership is to support the growth and development of the Qatari community by creating jobs for Qatari women in the private sector. As a business venture, Sndala's continued success provides social and employment security for these women.

Our aim is to produce unique art pieces that embody rich Qatari heritage and fine craftsmanship. The Qatari women at our company play a vital role in pursuing this goal by creating authentic Qatari designs.

At Sndala, we believe in full commitment to our customers. We provide only the highest in quality and finishing and we strive for complete satisfaction in our products.

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