The primary focus of the center is on families and community development in Qatar. SDC achieves this through well-designed programs and community involvement to encourage family stability and self-sufficiency. SDC strives to serve individuals and the community because it cares.

The vision of the SDC is to "build stable and self-sufficient families that contribute to community development."

Charitable Projects:

"Righteous Dress Project": The concept is to reuse old clothes through a permanent show for used clothes.

The Continuous even if it is Meager Project:

Women at Work

One of the main goals of the Sndala project is to provide job and training opportunities for individuals, mainly females, affliliated with the Social Development Center.

At Sndala, the women get involved in different areas of production, depending on their personal skills and goals. In the past year, the women have played a critical role in the creation of new and authentic Qatari designs, as well as other stages of production.

By gaining access to the latest technology in machinery and technical capabilities, they are able to develop their professional skills and improve their knowledge of important production processes.